Bank transfers book themselves

Transferlink will match incoming transfers to invoices or orders in the store and then change their status to paid.

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Tired of booking transfers manually?

Booking transfers is a tedious task. Flipping through transfers, finding invoices and orders and marking them as paid in the system... do you ever get tired of it?

You can change this in three steps

So how does transferlink work?
  1. Link your bank account.

    This way we will receive information about incoming transfers to your account.

  2. Activate the application.

    Select the application you want to bind the transfers to - such as an online store or invoicing program.

  3. Done!

    Transferlink will automatically match transfers to invoices or orders and change their status to paid.

Feel safe. Just like your data.

Transferlink receives data from your bank on a read-only basis. We have no direct access to your account and cannot perform any operations on it. All data and transactions are strictly protected and secured in our database.

With the automation of transfers booking in our online store, we have more time to do what makes us tick. We are looking for new cuts and the right product colors.

Waldemar Kardasz- Kiowi

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Try it for free 30 days free - no credit card required