17th June 2022

Invoicing software ranking. Comparison of inFakt, Faktownia and others.

Almost every company needs to issue invoices. Therefore, the choice of an invoicing program is one of the key decisions that almost every entrepreneur makes at the beginning of his journey. In this text, we will look at the most popular invoicing software available on the Polish market.


inFakt is one of the most popular invoicing programs. What is especially important, it supports any type of business, including up to public benefit organizations (e.g. foundations). It allows you to issue several types of invoices: from a standard VAT invoice, to a proforma, to a margin invoice. An additional plus is the option to translate documents into English with the possibility to change the currency to other than Polish zloty. Convenient operation is facilitated by the ability to save both customers and services, so we don't have to enter the same data with each document. We can also assign an e-mail address to the customer, to which we can automatically send invoices. inFakt is not only a web-based program, but also a mobile application.


Fakturownia has similar advantages to inFakt: invoicing is simple and fast. There is also an app for Android and iOS. What documents can it generate with the program? VAT invoices, orders, adjustments, advances, cash register receipt (KP) forms. An interesting feature is Turbo Invoices. This option allows you to issue an invoice in 3 seconds, sending an e-mail to the contractor for this. It is also possible to translate documents into foreign languages: English, German, Czech and Spanish, while issuing invoices in any currency of the world. Invoice Factory has also been expanded to include warehouse management tools.


Firmino differs from the previous two programs mainly in that it is a more complex invoicing tool. This is both an advantage and a disadvantage. The product is aimed at a narrower group of customers who are looking for more advanced solutions. With Firmino you can generate any type of invoice. There are also collection notes to contractors and payment reminders. The program will certainly be helpful in keeping inventory records. It's also a great tool that may interest entrepreneurs who are looking for an online financial center for their company. This is because the entire platform has been expanded to include a system for "measuring" the financial condition of our company, conducting cost and loss analysis and a section for tasks we need to perform.


iFirma is also a platform that offers broader accounting services. It allows you to issue all types of invoices. Both a web version and a mobile application are available. iFirma has also thought about people who trade on Allegro. The program introduces the ability to integrate with this platform, which in turn allows you to automatically send invoices to customers.


InvouraXL is another popular invoicing program. It provides the ability to generate as many as 35 types of invoices, receipts and bills. On top of that, it has the ability to record VAT sales and purchases, the General Ledger, VAT-7, VAT-EU declarations, Cash Reports (RK), Fixed Assets and Uniform Control Files. It also makes it possible to precisely control the financial condition of the company, through a system of entering not only receipts (invoices), but also expenses.

How to automatically book bank transfers?

In the process of booking bank transfers, you can use Transferlink, which will monitor incoming transfers in your bank account and then match them with orders in the store. On top of that, it will immediately mark the relevant invoices as paid and the orders in the online store as ready for shipment. This saves a lot of time for you, as you no longer have to manually check individual transfers. In addition, the tool automates the entire process and reduces the risk of mistakes to almost zero. You can find more information at this link.

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